If you have suffered losses in a car accident, your insurance company should pay for all your losses. This may be done by offering a settlement after investigating the entire accident in detail. A car accident lawyer in Spokane Valley can help you deal with the litigation process as a whole and assist in negotiations with the insurance company whenever needed.

Several times your insurance company might try to fool you into getting less claim amount than you deserve. Therefore talking to your lawyer and finding out the actual value of your claim is essential.

The following tips will help you deal with the insurance company:

Gathering appropriate evidence

All the evidence that you gather will play a significant role in getting you a satisfying settlement. Take good pictures of the accident spot, collect contact details from the witnesses, and document every aspect of your accident. This will help in proving the defendant guilty and increase your chances of getting a claim.

Collecting all the records

Keeping a thorough record of everything that happened during the accident is essential. Gather all the medical records, get a copy of the accident report, and make sure you keep it safe if there is any other document related to the accident.

Communicating in detail

Be careful about what you say to the insurance company, as it can be used against you to deny your claim. It is crucial that you communicate very clearly with your insurer and do not admit your fault at any point. Have a straight conversation and ask questions related to the process of the claim. However, talk with your attorney before meeting with an insurer to know what questions you must avoid answering.

Be aware of the documents you are signing.

Your insurer will make you sign any documents related to your accident or statements you make. Be very careful about what the papers are about to sign. Read them patiently, as they might prevent you from getting the proper claim amount.

Hire an experienced accident attorney 

An attorney will help you in understanding the appropriate value for your claim. He will make proper negotiations with the insurance company keeping all the legal aspects in mind.

Many insurance companies only offer compensation for physical losses like medical bills, vehicle damages, and loss of wages and avoid paying for any emotional damage. However, you have a legal right to the emotional damages incurred from the accident. Your attorney will fight for it and make sure you get a valid value for all your damages and injuries.

However, you must hire an attorney that has dealt with similar accident cases and has accurate knowledge about accident-related laws.

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